There’s nobody like Sumbody

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been coming to Sumbody Pilates Studio to work out, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this Studio. Heather Leon is the founder of Sumbody Studio. She is a delightful, charming and beautiful person.

I recently lost 40lbs, and quit smoking 1.5 yrs ago. Thru hardship in my life I realized how powerful one can be when they decide to achieve a goal and put their attention and energy into themselves. I started in the fall of 2011 with 2-3 classes a week, and gradually increased it to 4. The reformer class was the basic one to master and then I took the jump board class where you lay on the reformer and push with your feet of a spring board. It’s lots of fun and your legs and abs will start changing in just a week. Also if you like cardio in your workout, you have to try the Jump class. Then there is T! He is terrific and his style is like no other. He focuses mostly on Abs and core strength and mixes some yoga and dong chi with his class. He’s a natural teacher, and a Master Healer. Just being next to this guy and you will instantly pick up his good vibes. Khaled is also a terrific teacher and his classes are terrific. He will teach you form and you will know after one class if you are working out correctly in your Pilates class. Believe me it makes a difference. Once your form is correct when you are doing a set of 100’s your core will feel stronger and your body will thank you.

When I started at Sumbody I was already familiar with some Pilates moves, generally just floor exercise, but now I’m like a pro! I can remember being on the reformer the first time and feeling tired and awkward, but I generally enjoyed the positions even if they seemed impossible at first. I would watch other members and learn the moves and was persistent to learn the correct form as I learned the series.

I can remember like it was yesterday my first class was challenging but I felt excellent afterwards, very calm and relaxed.

My coworker was right when he said that his clients really enjoy their time at “SUMBODY” HE SAID I THINK THEY ARE ADDICTED TO IT! I LAUGHED AND SAID OF COURSE I WILL GO. HAHA HE WAS SO RIGHT! I could understand why after the very first class, and all of the instructor’s have their very own style, but they all had something extra to add to the class. Heather’s Disco Friday morning routine is the only way to start the perfect weekend. Her signature playlist of Disco music is hands down a perfect reason to visit the Studio and enjoy your workout!!!

I stayed with the program and after spring of 2012 I too was hooked on “SUMBODY”! I GUESS YOU COULD SAY I’M A REGULAR. The people that go to the studio are very nice and Liz and Genice are role models. They might take 2-3 classes a day.

Getting into shape has been a huge accomplishment for me. When my favorite Sunday teacher Khaled asked me to start taking the advance Athletic class because that’s where I belong, it blew my mind away that he wanted me there and thought I could handle 3500 100’s verses 10 sets of 100! It was a compliment to say the least, and it made me feel like a Star! Not to mention when he calls on me to demonstrate moves in class. There truly is No body, like “Sumbody”! I can’t imagine my life without the Studio, it’s the fountain of youth!



I had heard about the benefits of Pilates but didn’t really know much about it. Over the past 18 months, as part of a weight loss program, I’ve lost more than 150 lbs; and my physician had recommended Pilates as a low impact exercise that would help to strengthen and tone my muscles. The old adage that you need to find an activity you like and stick with it, is absolutely true! I’ve been doing Pilates at Sumbody for 6 months and love it! I have strengthened and toned my muscles, especially my core, as well as improving my balance and coordination. The studio location is convenient; and the instructors are fantastic with different expertise that make doing Pilates fun as well as beneficial. Kaleed is especially patient with us beginners, but he wants all of his students, no matter their level or Pilates experience, to learn correct technique. I don’t know if I’ve turned into that “Pilates Swan” Heather told me about, but I definitely look and feel better. Thank you Sumbody!